Brilliant Basics Stack and Nest Pans

My son loved the stack and nest toys when he was little. He loved to stack and unstack them for hours. The whole idea totally fascinated him.

Stack and nest toys are wonderful for teaching children hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Brilliant Basics has a new set of Stack & Nest Pots & Pans.

This adorable set features three brightly colored pans for kids to shake, rattle, stack and nest. The set also features a roller ball to bat at for jingling sounds and a large mirror for peek-a-boo fun.

The stack and nest pans are recommended for children 6 months to 3 years old, so it would make a perfect toddler gift for kids who like to join in the cooking fun. Now you can give them their own pan set.

You can find the Brilliant Basics Stack and Nest Pans at Amazon here:
Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Nest Pots & Pans
Or at other major retailers.