BFC Ink Dolls Addison~Calista~ Kaitlin~ Aliesha~ Noelle

Best Friends Club (BFC) Ink dolls are quickly becoming a little girls best friend. The BFC Ink Dolls each have their own unique personality. Best Friend Club’s Addison is the BFC event organizer. She’s also a sports fan, and loves to play basketball.

addison BFC Ink best friends club doll

When a member of the Best Friend Club Ink is in trouble all of her friends rally around to give support. They help each other find solutions to problems many little girls face in real life.

Best Friends Club Ink’s Calista is the super smart, super cool friend. She loves offering advice and support to her fellow club members.

best friends club ink calista
Kaitlin, the newest BFC member is very creative and artistic. She shares her love of the earth with the other club members. She shows the other members of the club how they can get involved in the environment.

kaitlin bfc Ink best friends club doll

Aleisha and Noelle are twin members of the BFC Ink club, but each one still brings her own unique personality. Noelle is extremely organized, but a little on the shy side. She loves animals and dreams of becoming a veterinarian one day.

noelle and aleisha bfc inc best friends club twins2Noelle’s twin sister Aliesha is exactly the opposite, she’s a natural born leader who loves to act and be center stage. She’s the trendiest member of the Best Friends Club and loves to follow the celebrity fashion scene.

With all these unique personalities your daughter is sure to find one to fall in love with. The Best Friends Club dolls can help girls find out where their personalities fit in, and help them understand the personalities of their friends, and learn social behavior, while they’re having fun at the same time.


  1. thoes dolls are pretty i would like to get one

  2. tweety bird says

    Those dolls are awesome I can’t wait till christmas so i can get one.

  3. Where can I buy Calista over the Internet? I live in Spain and Amazon does not ship this item to Europe for some manufacturer restrictions.

  4. Hurry up Christmas, I love you and i cant wait till you come so Hurry. i want the Calita and Kaitlin doll. Im 6 and 1/2 years old.

  5. i wuld love addison and kaitlin for chrismas BECAUSE I AM HAVING ONE.

  6. i live in the uk does anyone know where i can get the calista doll?

  7. I Love these dolls and the oppertunities they give young children! I Bought Kaitlin for my 12 year old daughter and shes in love with it! Please reccomend this doll to many GREAT children! Thank-you and God Bless!

  8. Katylin is the doll that i and i already have so all i need is two more they so beat miley Cyrus.

  9. dancing chic says

    those dolls r soo awesome where can i get one?:)

  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG i love these dolls also i read all the book 123 and 4 it is alsome and i have all the dolls so cool…i mean who wouldnt llike them….DORK…….i love them…OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

  11. i want the doll named kaitlen and allishia and nolle

  12. th dolls r v sweet.books r great..ultimate style is rocking..can i have one of them.keep mailing me. .chow

  13. i have 4 bfc ink dolls
    1.small addison: fashion pack
    2.big kaitlin
    3.big addison
    4.big aleisha
    and i have the scrapbook

  14. I have a friend named Cristlin. She has a best friends club doll they called her alice, but her reall name is Addison. she only had the shoes for her and she gave her friend the clothes for her bratz. I wanted Addison. I traded her it for a singing thingy. And she actually traded Addison with me. I was soooooo happy i got her even thought i didnt have clothes for her. I just used the bratz clothes that i have on her. It actually fitted her to. I have a coat, two skirts and a shirt and her pink shoes. I use her shirt as pjs and one of the skirts on her. Cristlin cutted her hair so short and she even made bangs for her she did cut them a little wrong but i fixed her. and now she looks beautiful. P.S. I want them all for christmas. I luv them. There better then all the dolls in the world.

  15. Debbie Rollins says

    My granddaughter’s name is Kalista & she wants the Calista doll. Cant wait til Christmas!!!

  16. i’m only 9 and i think i want nolle or alisha the twin wich 2 get help me plez

  17. i want to get nolle but i also want alisha her twin wich 2 get or just get both help plese and i am 9

  18. I bought my daughter the Noelle BFC doll. I liked the fact that these dolls are pose-able, but the hair easily tangles.


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