Dora Links~ Meet Dora’s New Friends The Explorer Girls

Dora is growing up along with her fans. There’s a new Dora doll for her fans to check out. The new Mattel Dora Links Doll recently premiered in toy stores and major retailers across the country. Dora Links has some new adventure and new friends, and you guessed it she’s all grown up.

dora links 2

Dora and her friends also known as the World of Dora’s Explorer Girls!, are off on and adventure to solve mysteries through fun online games that your child can play to make changes in Dora’s world.

dora links dolls

Just plug Dora in to your computer with the USB cord and she’s ready to play. You can disguise Dora online by changing her hair length, eye color, or jewelry, then you can watch those changes magically appear on your own Dora doll.

dora links friends

You’ll also meet Dora’s Friends the Explorer Girls at their online café to help them solve mysteries!

You’ll meet:

  • Alana~ who’s Dora’s sports fanatic friend.
  • Naiya who loves science, and can’t wait to show you the stars through her telescope.
  • Emma, Dora’s musical friend, who loves to play the violin, and write her own songs.
  • Kate, who loves to put on a show, from acting to singing and dancing, she’s the lively one of the group.

Each of the Dora Links Explorer Girls comes with an adorable outfit, and a keycode to unlock her online room.

These dolls are sure to be a big hit with Dora fans this Christmas. I can see them on several Christmas wish lists.

BFC Ink Dolls Addison~Calista~ Kaitlin~ Aliesha~ Noelle

Best Friends Club (BFC) Ink dolls are quickly becoming a little girls best friend. The BFC Ink Dolls each have their own unique personality. Best Friend Club’s Addison is the BFC event organizer. She’s also a sports fan, and loves to play basketball.

addison BFC Ink best friends club doll

When a member of the Best Friend Club Ink is in trouble all of her friends rally around to give support. They help each other find solutions to problems many little girls face in real life.

Best Friends Club Ink’s Calista is the super smart, super cool friend. She loves offering advice and support to her fellow club members.

best friends club ink calista
Kaitlin, the newest BFC member is very creative and artistic. She shares her love of the earth with the other club members. She shows the other members of the club how they can get involved in the environment.

kaitlin bfc Ink best friends club doll

Aleisha and Noelle are twin members of the BFC Ink club, but each one still brings her own unique personality. Noelle is extremely organized, but a little on the shy side. She loves animals and dreams of becoming a veterinarian one day.

noelle and aleisha bfc inc best friends club twins2Noelle’s twin sister Aliesha is exactly the opposite, she’s a natural born leader who loves to act and be center stage. She’s the trendiest member of the Best Friends Club and loves to follow the celebrity fashion scene.

With all these unique personalities your daughter is sure to find one to fall in love with. The Best Friends Club dolls can help girls find out where their personalities fit in, and help them understand the personalities of their friends, and learn social behavior, while they’re having fun at the same time.

New Toys For Christmas 2009~ Twilight Barbie

If you’re looking for something to get the Twilight fan on your Christmas list this year, check out the new Twilight Bella Barbie. She won’t be hitting stores until November, but you can pre-order Twilight Barbie from Amazon, to have her shipped to you as soon as they are available.

twilight barbie2

There is also a Twilight Edward Barbie to add to your wish list. I love his outfit and his tiny boots. Both Bella and Edward have very detailed clothing, and they did a great job matching the dolls to their onscreen characters. I look for these dolls to be on every Twilight, and Barbie fan’s Christmas list this year.

Twilight Images: Amazon