Hot Toys Christmas 2009: Rocky The Robot Truck

One toy that is topping many children’s Christmas wish lists this year is Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck. He’s perfectly adorable, and have you seen him move? Check him out in action:

Rocky the Robot Truck talks to your child with over 100 phrases. He even interacts with kids telling jokes and snoring when he goes to sleep.

He’s built strong with durable plastic to withstand hauling heavy loads, and rough play.

Rocky Robot Truck

Rocky has plenty of moves to show you. His smokestacks control much of his movement. If you tilt the lever back Rocky stands on his back four wheels. Pressing the red button on top of the smokestack several times switches Rocky into dancing mode, where he’ll shake his booty for you. Pushing the lever forward returns him to a normal truck position with all his wheels on the ground.

If my son was younger you can bet Rocky the Robot Truck would be topping his Christmas list this year.


  1. […] Rocky the Robot Truck is at the top of the Christmas list for preschool boys. Rocky The Robot Truck can dance, and interact with your child with over 100 phrases, for hours of fun and entertainment. […]

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