Mickey Mouse Master Moves and Farm Play Set

There’s a whole new line of toys hitting store shelves in 2012 based on Disney’s preschool hit Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Preschoolrs from 2 to 5 love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I’m sure they’ll love this new toy line inspired inspired by the show, including space-themed play sets and figures. There will also be a new line featuring fun and interactive play sets from Fisher Price, figures and vehicles inspired by the upcoming Mickey Mouse Clubhouse special, Mickey and Donald Have a Farm, premiering this fall. Mickey Mouse will also move like never before with a new feature plush.

Here are just a couple highlights from the new toy line.

Mickey’s Farm Play Set -Kids can create their own fun farm stories with Mickey Mouse and his friends with this new play set that features realistic animal sounds and fun farm music. Character figures and animals can go for a spin on the dance floor, and a silly hand moves between the silo and windmill. The Farm Play Set will be available in August of 2012, with a retail price of around 44.99.

You can find Mickey’s Farm Play Set at Amazon here: Fisher-Price Disney’s Mickey Mouse Farm Playset

Master Moves Mickey —Decked out in his freshest dance gear and ready to get down, Master Moves Mickey dances and interacts, showing off some never-before-seen break-dance moves, ending in a signature handstand. His moves are hotter and hipper than ever! Master Moves Mickey features original music tracks, funky beats and plenty of awesome humor to get the whole family up and dancing. Mickey will be dancing into stores in August of 2012, just in time for the holiday shopping season, with a retail price of around $69.99.

You can find Master Moves Mickey at Amazon here: Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey (M3)

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Hot Toys Christmas 2009: Rocky The Robot Truck

One toy that is topping many children’s Christmas wish lists this year is Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck. He’s perfectly adorable, and have you seen him move? Check him out in action:

Rocky the Robot Truck talks to your child with over 100 phrases. He even interacts with kids telling jokes and snoring when he goes to sleep.

He’s built strong with durable plastic to withstand hauling heavy loads, and rough play.

Rocky Robot Truck

Rocky has plenty of moves to show you. His smokestacks control much of his movement. If you tilt the lever back Rocky stands on his back four wheels. Pressing the red button on top of the smokestack several times switches Rocky into dancing mode, where he’ll shake his booty for you. Pushing the lever forward returns him to a normal truck position with all his wheels on the ground.

If my son was younger you can bet Rocky the Robot Truck would be topping his Christmas list this year.

Caillou Game and Toy Gift Guide

My son was a huge Caillou fan when he was younger, but it was always a challenge to find Caillou toys for him so I thought I’d put together a Caillou gift guide to help others find Caillou toys.

The Caillou Laugh N Learn 12″ Talking Doll makes a great preschool companion. Your child can push Caillou’s hands, feet or stomach hear him speak in English and French. He knows more than 30 different words and expressions, and he’s ready to teach them to your child. Caillou’s dressed for school in his blue jeans and red fleece jacket. This toy has small parts, so it’s intended for children 3 and up.

The Caillou Discovery Game lets your preschooler embark on an adventure with Caillou. The game is great for teaching preschoolers how to play together, and it also teaches them their basic colors. They don’t need to know how to read to enjoy this fun game.

Your child can visit the park with Caillou with the Caillou Tubes & Tunnels Game. Players roll the dice to navigate in and out of the tubes and tunnels. The game is great for teaching preschoolers how to count and play together with friends.

The Caillou Toddler Backpack is perfect for packing for the babysitters, or grandma’s house. Your preschooler or toddler can pack their favorite toys or clothes and take Caillou along with them everywhere they go.

The Caillou The Builder Dress Me Plush Doll, is perfectly cuddly for nighttime hugging. His clothing can be removed with the exception of his hat and boots. By day Caillou the Builder can help your preschooler build and explore the world around him.

caillou winter wonderland-horzA Caillou DVD would be the perfect gift for any Caillou fan. Then they can watch their favorite show anytime.


Caillou Party Ideas