Have You Seen The Build A Bear Disney Collection?

What happens when you combine two children’s favorites? Build a Bear and Disney have combined together to create what is sure to be a favorite with little girls everywhere! Have you seen the new Build A Bear Disney Princess bear? She features a sparkling crown and paw depicting beloved Disney Princess characters and majestic crowns.

“At Build-A-Bear Workshop, we want everyone to feel as special as a princess with a fairy godmother,” said Maxine Clark, Build-A-Bear Workshop founder and chief executive bear. “With this new Disney Princess bear and collection of beautiful princess costumes, we invite Guests to embark on a magical journey filled with imagination and adventure!”

disney princess bear build a bear

You can check out the new bear at Build a Bear here: Disney Princess Bear

I think they’re adorable, and Build-A-Bear is also introducing a whole line of Disney Princess costumes for your bear so you can dress her up like any or all of your Disney Princess favorites!

Guests can magically transform any furry friend into their favorite princess with these new costumes, $16 each:

  • Belle (available in select stores)
  • Cinderella
  • Rapunzel
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Snow White (available in select stores)
  • Tiana

The new Disney Princess Collection from Build-A-Bear Workshop is sure to be a big hit! Girls can re-create the magic of the Disney Princess world and bring their new friend  to life.  You can check out the Princess bear and the costumes online here: Disney Princess Bear

Or you can celebrate your favorite Disney characters in the Build A Bear store nearest you.

The New Furby Is Here!

The newest Furby is hitting stores everywhere this week. This fall Hasbro is reintroducing the magic of Furby. This new interactive plush friend has become even more interactive with ‘A MIND OF ITS OWN’ and a personality that develops shaped based on how it is treated.

When you feed your new Furby, speak to it, tickle it or play music for it – the personality of each Furby is shaped. When a child plays nicely with this interactive toy and it can develop a sweet personality. But watch out! When you pull, shake, and turn it upside down your it may become a little mischievous! There are several personality possibilities for this new emotional and unpredictable Furby. Its expressive LED eyes will let kids know how it feels through a series of animations displayed in its eyes. Tickle Furby and hearts may appear in its eyes; feed it a hot pepper and you may see fire in Furby’s eyes. From hip hop to pop, pizza or sushi, each Furby reacts differently depending on its personality. The more kids play with their Furby the more it changes.

The new Furby starts out speaking Furbish, just like the original, but the more Furby interacts with its owner the more English it will start speaking. Furby can also recognize another Furby; place two side and they will interact by talking or even dancing with each other.

I’m sure Furby will be on many kids Christmas lists this year! Furby is recommended for children 6 and up, for a retail price of around $59.99. It’s hitting major retailers right now, and can be found online at Amazon here:  Buy Furby

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New Zhu Zhu Pet Puppies Kittens and Safari Hitting Stores

This spring and summer Cepia has some new toys from their popular toy lines Zhu Zhu, Xia Xia, and DaGeBar toy lines hitting stores. Check out the details!

ZhuZhu Pets® Kittens and Puppies

A truce has been made in the well-known battle of dogs vs. cats! All the Zhu-natics out there can now enjoy the best of both worlds with ZhuZhu Pets® Kittens and Puppies. Brand new ZhuZhu Pets® Kittens are sweet, loveable, cuddly and just as collectable as the original ZhuZhu Pets®. Each character has its own name, biography, birthday and special collector’s code. Both ZhuZhu Pets® Kittens and Puppies come in a variety of wacky colors, make silly sounds and move about. Just press their backs and watch them go. Unpredictable, kids never know what they’re going to do or where they’re going to go next, creating hours of interactive and imaginative play.

New Zhu’s in the Puppies and Kittens Crew:


  • Jazz the Cat: Jazz’s personality is just like her favorite musical genre – she’s smooth, mellow and has a lot of spontaneous flare. Icon: Saxophone
  • Mr. Cozy the Cat: Mr. Cozy’s favorite season is winter. When the weather drops, you can either find him out sledding or cuddled up to his owner with a warm mug of milk. Icon: Mittens
  • Wrinkles the Shar Pei Puppy: A neat and tidy pooch, Wrinkles makes her doggy bed every day, enjoys cleaning her kennel and keeps her chew toys spic and span. Icon: Iron

The new puppies and kittens will be hitting stores in the summer of 2012.

ZhuZhu Pets® Safari

ZhuZhu Pets® Safari is a great way for kids to enjoy the fun and fantasy of the jungle. They come in a variety of exotic characters from Wharton the elephant to Baako the zebra.

Like their ZhuZhu Pets® brothers and sisters, ZhuZhu Pets® Safari animals run about, making silly jungle noises. New ZhuZhu Pets® Safari Babies are also joining the adventure, adding a touch of sweetness to the wild kingdom. Their tiny size makes them a great collectable. Catch the Safari characters and babies having tons of fun on slides and swings on their connectable playsets.

You can find the new Safari Pets at Amazon here: Zhu Zhu Pet Safari


Nominated for “Boy Toy of the Year 2012” by the Toy Industry Association, DaGeDar™ is the ultimate game of speed, skill and friendly competition. With new elite characters, it is now the ultimate game of collecting. These limited edition racers have come from a far-off intergalactic region called Dimension 33 and are marked with a special “33.” Players who obtain the “33” Dag racers are thought to receive a higher level of enlightenment. To play the game, kids race their DaGeDar™ ball characters through thrilling loops and turns in three different track sets. Whether it’s racing against friends, collecting points or propelling their ball into the cup, the game, and rules, can change every time.

The “33” DaGeDar:


  • Fresh-Mon01001: Born with the mark of “33,” Fresh-Mon has spent his short life, searching for answers and reasons as to why he was given such an honor at birth.
  • S.O.L02033: A mechanical lawgiver who bestows rulings on all judicial matters.
  • Diode-X9906116: After a severe sand corrosion, Diode X99 can’t remember his function. If he falls into the wrong hands, it could spell disastrous results.
  • Sprat Horner06118: A futuristic time explorer, Sprat Horner found himself stranded in Dimension 33 and now must rely upon his wits and weaponry.

You can find the new DeGeDar at Amazon here: DaGeDar Toys


The “must-have” toy from this past Christmas, Xia-Xia™ are robotic hermit crabs that give kids the pet they have always wanted without the mess. From a distant island where every day is Carnivale, Xia-Xia™ are crazy crustaceans, who love to dance and play all day long. What’s Carnival without a costume?

Xia-Xia™ hermit crabs love to show off their shells for island festivities. Kids can choose between a variety of interchangeable shells with different patterns, styles and colors. With eight new shells to choose from, there are a lot fashions to be had. For an additional surprise, tiny kooky companions are hidden inside each shell, each with its own special name. Kids love to collect and trade Xia-Xia™ shells and their kooky friends!

You can find XiaXia here: Xia-Xia Toys

Most of the new Cepia toys are in stores now, or will be hitting stores this summer and are recommended for children 4 and up.

Disney Muppet Plush Toys!

Just in time for the release of the new Muppets Movie, Disney has come out with some new Muppet Plush toys! I’m sure these will top many kids Christmas wish lists this year! They’ve included Muppet favorites like Miss Piggy and Kermit, and some new muppet characters appearing in the movie.

you can click on any of the images below to get to the Disney Store and check out more about your favorite Muppet plush toy.

I love Miss Piggy! She’s always been a favorite of mine, check her out!

Muppets Miss Piggy Plush Toy -- 19'' H

I think they all look huggable! Here’s PePe, he has extra arms to love you back when you hug on him.

Muppets Pepe Plush Toy  -- 15'' H

My favorite green Muppet, Kermit is of course adorable, and ready to be hugged!

Muppets Pepe Plush Toy  -- 15'' H

I think I’m in love with all of them, and I can’t wait to check out the Muppet Movie when it hits the big screen!

You can find all the Disney Muppet plush toys at the Disney store by clicking on the images below.

Toy Story 3 Plush Toys

The new Toy Story 3 movie premiering this June features several really cool plush toys. One of the biggest new Toy Story stars in the latest movie is Lotso Bear.

Toy Story plush

Lotso seems to be a friendly bear, but I think Woody and Buzz need to beware!

There’s also a new Toy Story 3 Plush Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head, both premiering on May 1 (and both are available now for pre-order from Amazon). Don’t they make an adorable pair!

And Hamm as a Plush Toy is another old favorite who looks simply adorable showing of his new softer side.

I don’t know what this little guy’s name is but he’s a new Stretch Octopus plush from Toy Story 3. Kind of cute! I wonder if he’ll be a good guy, or a bad guy. Hmmm.

Do you have a favorite toy from the new Toy Story 3 movie coming out? I think the Alien is my favorite!

More Toy Story 3 Plush

Woody and Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Pook-a-Looz

Disney just introduced the new Pook-a-Looz. Two of my favorite characters are the Woody Pook-a-Looz and the Buzz Lightyear Pook-a-Loo Plush Toy . Both of them are simply adorable, and with the premiere of Toy Story 3 coming up in a few months they’re sure to be a hit.

The new Pook-a-Looz collectible plush dolls feature a unique interpretation of some of Disney’s favorite characters, including Mickey Mouse, , Pluto and many more.

The creators focused on capturing one key trait for each character in the new plush collection, so that each doll is unique and quirky to it’s original character.

The new Pook-a-Looz range in price from $7.99 to 12. 99 retail, and can be found at The Disney Store and at Amazon

Here are some of the other Pook-a-Looz available:

Breyer Saddle Club Plush

When I was growing up I collected Breyer horses. I still have some of the horses today. They didn’t have the plush horses then, but I think they’re simply adorable, especially the Saddle Club plush

All of the Breyer Saddle Club plush come with lifelike tack including a saddle with an embossed Breyer® logo, a bridle and a saddle pad with an embroidered Saddle Club logo. Here are a few of my favorites:

Breyer Saddle Club Plush Starlight is for the buckskin fans out there.

I think my favorite of the Breyer Saddle Club Plush is Prancer.

Breyer’s Belle is beautiful too.

All of the horses come with their name embroidered on their left front hoof.

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5 Easter Toy Ideas For Girls

I wrote up some Easter Toy Ideas for boys, but didn’t write up any for girls! We can’t have that, so here are a few toy ideas for the little girl on your Easter list.

1. Barbie in a Mermaid Tale just premiered on DVD last week, and it would make the perfect Easter basket filler for any Barbie fan! Barbie stars as Merliah™ a surf champion who finds out she’s also a mermaid.

2. If you have a Hello Kitty fan on the list, check out this Ty Hello Kitty Bunnie Beanie Baby. Isn’t she just adorable!

3. If you have a Zhu Zhu pets fan on your Easter list check out Zhu Zhu Pets Fluffy Bunny Rabbit, she’s sure to be a hit on Easter morning!

4. Max and Ruby is always a favorite at Easter! I love their Easter Egg story, it’s one of my favorites! This Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set would make the perfect Easter basket filler for any Max and Ruby fan.

5. Silly Bandz are super popular right now, and they’re super low cost for an Easter basket filler. If you have a little space to fill these will be the perfect fit.
If you pick any of these, they’re sure to please on Easter morning.

How To Train Your Dragon Plush Toys

How To Train Your Dragon hits theaters in a couple days. They’ve come out with some really cute toys to go with the movie. My favorite is the How To Train Your Dragon Plush Toys, they’re so cute!

Check them out, they talk, and have a price point under $10 which makes them a perfect addition for this year’s Easter basket.

How To Train Your Dragon Movie Mini Talking Plush Night Fury

How To Train Your Dragon Movie Mini Talking Plush Gronkle

How To Train Your Dragon Movie Mini Talking Plush Terrible Terror

WowWee Minis Plush Cubs

WowWee has a new line of minis. The Mini White Tiger Cub, the Mini Panda Bear Cub, and the Mini Lion Cub are all adorable, and perfectly huggable plush.

wowwee mini panda cub

They’re all soft and cuddly, with enough stuffing to cushion their electronic parts. They’re not as interactive as their larger counterparts, they can be posed, but you have to pose them yourself.  They make up for that in cuteness and hug-ability.

The cubs make purring, and wimpering sounds when your child interacts with them, and they each come with their own birth certificate, and a bottle for your child to care for them.

I’m sure the new WowWee Mini Plush toys will top many children’s wish lists this Christmas season.